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Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
I'm just wondering why the car failed the first time then passed. How do you drive the car? Is it automatic? I'm asking this because the engine needs to run above 3k for at least a 10 minute period straight to blow out the crap once in a while (source:87 325i owners manual). This may or may not be the case for an m50 powered car.
Its 5-speed, and I track the car 4-5 times a season so I doubt that would be an issue. For the emmisions test, it could be as a result of the cats being cold. When I first took the test the car had been sitting for about an hour and it was a pretty cold day. Perhaps that also had some effect on the O2 sensor during the test. For the second test I took it for a spin to heat everything up, then it passed.

Thanks for all the help. I'll look into the condition of the O2 sensor and see what that does.
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