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Originally Posted by boro92 View Post
Curious to know what lap time improvements one would see at Shannonville long track...I find that with the standard 3.23 diff, a lot of the time you are in the sweet spot for mid range power with the m52 manifold.

I'm always debating going m50, but this is the only thing holding me back. There are some sections where it just makes sense to keep it in 3rd or sometimes even 4th and hang onto the gear.
Do not wait any longer, put it in. I was at shannonville earlier this year(OTA events 3 & 4) and I was in 4th on the back straight. In fact I believe my RPM was only around 5500 so I had lots of room before I ran out of gear. I think I would be in the 5900 region with the M50 manifold and would still have 700RPM to use. I believe you would be fine even with the 3.23 compared to my 3.15.
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