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Originally Posted by Kbm View Post
I think we can say: E90Post - A *good forum for E90 owners.

* Personal experience may vary, see brochure for details.

I thought about signing up for the E90post, but I wanted a local (Canadian) forum as I planned to interact with other enthusiasts on "real life" as well (cruises, get together for a beer, whatever), plus even tho now I own a e90, I appreciate BMW as a whole brand and not just this particular model.

But I get it, I think I'll open an account there for gather share info about the car and stick here for the regional events
lol. Yeah... it can definitely vary. The major thing over there is that doing a search first before asking is highly recommended. I guess a lot of the guys are tired of answering the same questions repeatedly. There is a Canadian sub-forum there where a lot of the GTA guys are fairly active. Funny how you mentioned interacting in real life. We're actually having a meet for next Sunday afternoon that you're more than welcome to drop by. Look for 'GTA: Winter Meet' in the Canada section of e90 for details. e90post is actually under the Bimmerpost umbrella so it's just a part of a whole group of BMW related forums for the different model generations.
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