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In Ottawa for a bit, have a few questions

Hey everyone,

I'm from Winnipeg and I drove out here for a few weeks to visit my girlfriend (and treat myself to an end-of-summer vacation_. Back home I've got a beautiful '88 635CSi that needs a few things, mainly misc trim pieces. Seeing as how E24s are fairly rare, finding parts for one in Winnipeg is quite the task. My girlfriend works during the day, giving me TONS of time to kill, so I was wondering: does anyone know of any decent pick-and-pull junk yards in town that may have an E24 in the lot that I could pillage?

Secondly, are there any decent go-kart places in Ottawa? I'd like to avoid the tracks at which I'll be competing against children for podium glory, if at all possible.

Lastly, as an out-of-towner and a bimmer gearhead, is there anywhere in Ottawa that I must absolutely check out, like a dealership with cool cars in it or something similar? When I say I've got TONS of time to kill, I really mean it, so any suggestions for something I can do would be appreciated.


PS here is an obligatory pic of my euro sixer:

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