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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
Can't go wrong with a TCD manifold! Longevity for sure.

Some TCD manifolds (for the M20) require an on-center turbo, instead of the normal offset style you see. You should make sure that's not the case: you don't want to have to get one of those.

You can also get t3 / t4 adapters from ebay for about $35 that move the turbo up / down. I'd ask Todd from TCD if he has any experience with that mani on a e34 like yours.

I would still skip the kit, just make a large list of what you need *exactly* and buy as needed. It will be cheaper for the same quality components.

My list for turbo-ing had "hard" items where I knew exactly what I needed, ie, injectors w/ size / brand / company. Then "soft" items like oil lines, where I knew sort of what I wanted but I'd let the blanks fill in as I went. Sometimes you don't know what you'll need until its time to install due to size, etc.
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