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Originally Posted by Havok_2011 View Post
I completely and utterly disagree with you guys that are bashing E90post members! Of course, I am an E90post its disappointing to see it being trashed here.

I joined E90post in March 2010 when I bought my car, and the guys have been amazingly helpful from finding good deals for mods, to completely going out of their way and coming to me when I had car problems to help fix them.

I have met at a least a dozen guys on E90post that I consider good friends today, and they are always a joy to meet up with.

Granted, E90post has loads of members, so you are bound to find some douche bags and royal losers that don't honor their for sale threads, or just post up in the effort to be titled "Biggest Asshole Alive". US guys that chime into our threads for no reason other than to stir problems also gets annoying. But I have gone through several cars, and many forums over the years, and I have to say these assholes exist everywhere...and by no means do they exist in a large enough ratio that could possibly define any of the forums I have joined a horrible place to visit....and certainly not enough at E90post to trash talk the forums in general.

To the original poster......if you go to the Canadian section of E90post, most of the guys are from or within the GTA. So its pretty much like a local forum....and I would say you could benefit a lot from getting involved there as well.

I won't say everyone from E90post is wonderful, there are some annoying, assholes there. But in my short time here in these forums, there have been some people that have been complete assholes as well. At the end of the day, the majority of people in both forums are good people as for as I am concerned.

If you own an E90, E90post is the place to visit.

If you own an E30 - E46 maxbimmer is the place to visit.

If you want to meet up and chill with BMW enthusiasts, and learn a lot along the way...join both forums, keep an open mind, ignore the assholes, and enjoy making new friends.

Just my opinion.

PS: Never have I seen anyone in the E90post forums say anything bad about the guys here at maxbimmer. Overall I thought both forums got along well.
Thanks Havok !!!!
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