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As BMWdouche pointed out, most of the e90 guys are on the e90post forums because there is just a lot more content over there for the e9x platform and many of the guys who've been modding / owning e9x from the beginning started there and feel no need to move forums. I don't agree with BMWdouche's statement that all of us who are on e90 are #%&ing a-holes and that it's a trainwreck of a forum. I've met and interacted with several of the guys over there who have been very helpful and genuinely seem friendly and dug up loads of information. Yes, there are some guys that give attitude for no reason, especially to newbies, or seem a little stuck up as BMWdouche put it but like any other place with a large gathering of people there are bound to be a few bad apples, especially when people can hide behind the internet.
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