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Originally Posted by Dissembler View Post
I agree with everlast, keep the custom speedometer. If the numbers are spaced out exactly the same as the stock face, theoretically it should work, same as the tach. Then, your friend will have to come out to centralia with us where they have an airport auto-x with 3 1-mile long straights and he can test to see if it does infact just keep going like rudy suggested!
The whole point of the cluster was to extend the speedo to see approx how fast you're going. But the needle does in fact stop @ 240.

I might scale it back to 260 to make it look a bit cleaner and to keep the 6 o'clock starting position's as I kind of like that.

Need to find a suitable paper/vinyl to print on to match the OEM faces as close as possible as well. Might actually take the PS files to a printing house for that, we'll see.

But please do tell me more about this Centralia! I've been looking for a place to do a few runs like that (locally). You can PM me if you like instead
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