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My current rims came with 225/45/16 712's on two of them, and Eagle F1's on the other two.

I must say, the 712's aren't nearly as bad as you guys seem to think; in fact they are superior to the F1's in my mind. The slight sidewall flop and howling I get from the front end (F1's placement) are completely missing from the rear. This also is not just a basic principal of physics, my car with such staggered spring rates will push the rear tires just as hard as the fronts with proper driving technique (when I've had 4 of the same tire on, the rear end usually feels a little nervous; I have stiffer front springs to install). The 712's are very confident, and have very solid sidewalls. Scandinavian-flick induced drifting can be recovered with very little of the violent kickback you get with a softer tire, I was shocked the first few times I did it.

Anyways, don't just listen to me. Here's an excellent recent review Tirerack conducted: click

Keep in mind I mounted these tires completely sure that I would not be happy with them. The complete opposite is true.

I'll still be tossing these tires for Hankook R-S2s next year (the best or nothing when it comes to tires to me, nothing matters more on a car), but I thought I'd just stick up for them a bit. Really quite good tires for the money, ignoring possible quality lapse.
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