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Originally Posted by Tom View Post
lol im the keyboard warrior eh? Yet ur talkin shit bout someones gf all I'm saying is why don't u just bring a girl to the cruise instead of bashing someone elses which is disrespectful if she's 500 pounds or 100 pounds... Also yes I do have a GF... Unlike u that plays bum darts every night with his bf... Anyways this is last time I waste my time in this thread because people like you are useless in this world... Crawl under a rock and die ... P.s don't talk about money my turbo kit is worth more than ure 325 lol... Also my house is half mill and that's nothing compared to some houses Round here that can go for 5-10 mill but ya kw is poor which is why the owners of rim live here... Anyways peace out, go botch your basement when you need a carpenter like me to fix it just pm me
Hahahah good stuff. Getting defensive is a natuRal response when someoncalls you out on your bs.
Have fun being a carpenter in your "half-mill" dolla house Yo.
FYI, think before you speak. "people like me" keep YOUR streets safe. You should stop suggesting harm on a board I can print and track u down thru your mechanic.
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