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Is everyone here really that blind? You can clearly see that this gardening tool( we know which one) has photoshopped the crap out of herself.
The links brings me to some stats.
130 pounds... Does that sound like the chick in the photo? Hungry hungry hippos?
And half of the pics in that link are extremely photoCHOPPED , because some of the pics aren't even her, in one photo I thought I seen a snout...
Regardless, based on the info provided by these models(and I use that term in a Generous manner) I don't know whose boobs are bigger, hers or HIS!
if u think you're that good, become a model. Any loser can make an account on and say they are a model. I'm considering being a hood hottie, i'm 6'2", and 240. Same thing as 5'4" and 130, no?

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