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Originally Posted by Sebi_IX View Post
I changed my mind, Vems sounds better...I e-maild to your romanian contact, but so far nothing.
I cannot guarantee contact from that particular person... it was taken from a slightly older list on another forum.. I am attempting to see if I can find a more recent contact just in case... hang tight.

I still don't know what to buy, can you please make me a list or somthing, if there is a DiY soldering kit for vems its ok becouse my dad its an electronist

Thank you very much, NOTORIOUS VR, every spare time i have, im reading the internet for answers...

I can put a list together for you. To be honest, it's worth paying slightly more for a completely assembled and tested ECU... that way you will be sure there are no issues and you can also request special modifications to be done to the ECU for certain functions (for instance like Immobilizer via RFID key) in house.
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