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Originally Posted by DIY View Post
Although I do agree with the previous post if you want the cheapist you can grab a megasquirt..
I don't agree especially because people always seem to think MS is the cheapest... an assembled MS3 + expansion board is $645 on diyautotune... and that still leaves you with silly DB style PC connectors, no wideband, only logic level IGN outputs, etc, etc.

On top of that people generally purchase a 3rd party logging suite to make it worth your while and map the VE table. That's another $30 (

So $645 + $150 for a WBO2 (LC-1 is a garbage unit but most use it because of it's price) is $800 USD, plus shipping for each item + taxes and duties. Plus $30 for a proper datalogging software.

A VEMS is a far better solution in all aspects believe me.

If you come back and say he could build an MS himself for less, that is something a lot of people shouldn't be doing with a limited skill set IMO but that is also possible with a VEMS (to DIY it). But comparing ready built units is far easier and much more common.

Retail on the VEMS with the similar options (ie. SD logging) but with full power IGN outputs (x8) plus all the AMP connectors for the ECU + the standard WB02 (up to two WB's can be used) is roughly $820 CDN incl. shipping...

Add another $80 approx for a VW WB02 sensor (Bosch) and you're rocking for less then an MS3 but with more configurability, better reliability modern SMD build process, watertight automotive AMP connectors a proper all in one tuning and logging suite with GPS connectivity, WEB connectivity for troubleshooting, Android application for dash display, AIM output from the ECU to be used with race dashboards or any AIM compatible device, etc, etc.

You kind of get the picture here.
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