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Originally Posted by Kylehugo View Post
Found a new Strut this morning, so it looks like I'll be able to get going on this crate sooner than I imagined.

Big thanks to Alex over at ACP for dragging a fresh one out of his attic and selling it to me for a steal!
Welcome to Windsor. As you might have noticed this section is not quite active. You will need to go to GTA section for better involvement. There are more sources of getting parts there, too. It's good you were able to source your parts from ACP just be careful this guy has mixed reviews. Getting some cheap parts in a pinch from him is usually fine but if you need large parts or major job done make sure to get multiple quotes from different places as I know people got ripped off by him. ECSTuning is also a good source of getting new parts from. They are good at accepting return as well unlike ACP. Only downside is they are based in US and you need parts shipped. PM me if you want some advice on that. Again welcome and enjoy your ride before winter hits.
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