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Originally Posted by ///M3 ZCP View Post
I only have 36,000km on my E46 M3, and it's telling me that i need Inspection I. Is this the right interval? Because going by the above list, it's recommended at 48,000km? Anyways i went into the dealership (Town + Country BMW) and the service desk quoted me $1300... WTF?
Most likely true. oil change is like 150.00 then the fluid changes which some are 20.00 per litre. I remember having the drums in the parts dept. and one 20 litre pale cost like 400.00. So if they are doing a trans flush. I would say when everything is said and done yup! M3's are NOT cheap to maintain. I know that is steep.

it's really great that someone went to all that trouble to include all that information here. But I am sorry I have some bad news. There is no way in hell a bmw tech is going to go through all that when he's being paid flat rate. I am speaking from personal experience working for a bmw dealership. "Ideally" yes they should, and during old school years they actually did because they were being paid straight time. Now an ISP 1 consists of changing your oil, micro filter and air filter. That is all they are going to do. They might top up some of your fluids just out of courtesy- which is something they should do anyway. But most of the time not.

Unless they quoted something exorbitant as in the M3, they will NOT go through ALL THAT and then some. and the tech is getting gravy $$$$ for doing so. So he won't mind. (Grin) This is the ugly truth now days. Not every tech is this way but I would say the majority think like this.

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