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Hey Boxer,

I am looking to purchase the same car. Just test drove one yesterday in really good condition. Seems like yours may be in a little better condition though.

Do you have the original rims? I would prefer it not having the 17" rims. What size are the winters? Perhaps we can make a deal for just your winter rims/tires on the car.

To be honest,

The one I tried yesterday is being used as a daily driver, and there is no mechanical issues, no lights popping up, and the interior is mint.

My only issue with it is that it has rust at the bottom front side panels, and at the rear hood (not the hood, but body portion the hood closes on), which is not visible. It also has a dent on the roof.

Is yours in much better shape? Because I can get his for $3000.

Ideally I was looking for a coupe, but I didn't know until last night that AWD only comes in the sedan here in Canada. Would be hard for me to find an AWD coupe I guess unless I search in the states, and this is really mean't for the winter...while I still want to maintain and enjoy it as much as possible...hence not getting a beat up corolla or equivalent lol.
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