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Progress shots!

My passenger seat bars from yesterday:

The usual argument between my Dad and I about how to come up with solutions for stuff popped up again when the subject of gas pedal came up. There was three main ways in my head how to do this. One was a super complicated collection of cable, some pivoting lever, and the throttle brackets and rods from the original pedal box and up to the firewall and link them together. Two (my main idea) was simply a looooonnngg cable that was attached to the pedal, ran back towards the driver, and looped around, and back into the engine bay and hooking up to the throttle body. Three (Dads idea) was using the E30 mechanism from my parts car and pretty much plunking that in. I was opposed to it because of the linkage that runs inside the car, as I didn't like the idea of being able to see it. It ended up being the solution that was taken.

First, I cut out a square for the plug from the throttle cable to fit into (318i M10 cable). I ended up making this panel twice, because the hole ended up being way too big the first time around

Once that was sorted, I riveted the new square holed panel into the firewall inside one of the holes IIRC the cars' wiring harness passes through.

Runs pretty nice, almost as if it was supposed to be here in the bay:

Next was to drill the brackets out of the E30's firewall that hold the linkage in the car. Was that ever a bitch, the car sitting outside baking, it was an oven in there! I must have lost a few pounds in a few minutes just from sweat lol. After that quick episode, I had to lengthen one linkage tab, and tack them into place. Unfortunately, they had to be moved around a few times in order to not interfere with anything like the other pedals, steering column, etc... Here it is mocked up in probably the 4th spot with a few tacks. Finally everything seems to clear each other, and works great!

Here is how it more less looks. I will have to see how the pedal alignment is once I drive it... I am almost thinking the gas will need to be moved towards the firewall more so it lines up better with the brake when depressed for smoother heel-toe action.

So that pedal there is a broken E30 gas pedal. I had lost the original 2002 pedal ages ago... and didn't feel like buying one, especially since now the setup is quite different from a normal 2002. So I started to muck around with a thickish piece of steel...

DAMN. This might work!! Kind of ripping the idea from the E30 DTM cars with the 4 flared holes. I made this with a hole saw, press, some odd sized pipes, vice and a hammer... no fancy dies or metal brakes here! Not perfect, but hey, for some fun project I didn't care if it went anywhere, I'll give it a shot.

Just plopped it in to see what it looks like. A bit wider than I would have liked, but I'll run with it. Going to go tomorrow to the hardware store and see what kind of heavy duty hinges I can buy.


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