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Crashed my E39 - need advice :(

Hi fellow BMW enthusiasts..

Two days ago I rear-ended someone with my E39. Apart from the emotional attachment, I have to deal with the damage. I have no idea where to go from here. The damage is quite extensive to be considered easy to fix. As far as I know I need:

- bumper
- hood
- top rad mount
- headlights
- rad fan
- grill
- shifter mount
- engine and tranny moved back I think

I am looking for advice, should I sell as is, for parts, or try to fix. And if I were to fix how much money am I looking at. Also, if I do sell it as-is, how much do I ask for? I already had someone come forward to buy it as-is, and when he asked me for my price I didn't know what to tell him so I said I'd get back to him. I am uploading a bunch of pictures so you guys can have a better idea of the damage. If anyone of you is so kind as to come over and check it out and give me ideas, I'd appreciate it. I am in the Bloor West Village area of Toronto, around Bloor West and Jane.

It is a 1997 540i with 221xxx and a rebuilt title. apart from the accident damage there is NO rust, scratches or dents in the rest of the body.
the interior is in great condition apart from the two front seats in which the leather is slightly worn out. The interior is beige.



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