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White CLK 320

This was a while ago actually, it was during those days when it was olddly really warm.

So anyways, I'm following this white CLK 320 up the off ramp, and I kinda tailgated it up, well, I was almost pushing it up the off ramp really. I really didn't mean anything by it, but I always take that ramp hard.

I guess I kinda pissed the guy off, cuz as soon as we got on the 401 east, he gunned it. I'm thinking "okay, well whatever, so I gun it too, just for the hell of it, and I push over onto the entrance to the express. He's still in front of me, but he's behind a slower moving car, so I pass him on his right.

I look back, and I can see he's following me, quite closely might I add. So I'm thinking.. "this guy wants to play. Lets see if he's up for it." So I go up to around 160 passing cars here n there, the traffic wasn't so bad. And sure enough, he's still right up on my ass. So I was like, Okay, here we go, gradually I push it up to 200, we're both flying across the 401, it looked like he was trying to catch up, but I was slowly pulling on him.

We approached some slow moving cars, and I quickly shift from the left lane all the way to the right lane, and back into the center lane to avoid them. And I look back.

No more benz. So I slow down. I woulda thought a 320 would be faster, but I guess not. I didn't even full throttle it the whole time.

(he got off at kennedy)

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