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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
Do you guys realize that troops boarded the other ships of the flotilla in the same manner? Nobody got shot or beaten up on any of those ships. The troops were the same on all 6 ships, they had the same training, were operating under the same strict orders, if the troops are to blame, why didn't they shoot people on every ship?

I'm not saying what Israel did was right. But I hope all of you people criticizing Israel have the open-mindedness to see that the few dozen people on the top deck of the Mavi Marmara were the differentiating factor between what happened on that ship, vs all of the others. They CLEARLY attacked the soldiers with weapons before they were even off their ropes. There is video evidence to prove that.

Sirex, Israelis have lived in fear of suicide bombing and rocket strikes every day for years. A lot more than 4 Jews have died from those. They haven't threatened to nuke Gaza or the West Bank, where many of those killers/terrorists originated. So don't be a drama queen.

Are you ****ing kidding me? A drama queen? For every 1 Israeli that was blown up to Terrorist attacks, the retaliation from Israel was 10 fold.
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