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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
I just want to say, all of us have ideas on how to make the show better, I even offered an idea, and we need to realize that if the show is to be bigger and better, we need to help!!

I would like to offer to help however I can, so if the organizers can pm me, I will help with what I can.

If the event is at Cayuga next year, it will be alot of work, and if we all want these added parts to the show, I recomend we all step up and make it a world class show!!!!
I totally agree. Lets do Cayuga and will rent out a portable dyno for the event. Hell I'll even throw in a $100 towards renting one for the day but I get to do 2 pulls for free. You can hold me to that Randy
Its all about rolling in the X5 !!!
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