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Originally Posted by Furious View Post
the one thing i say to Randy every year is i would like to see bimmercruise in the summer, but really that, like the food issue is nitpicking.
The original date for the show was Aug 24th, but found it conflicted with the Wheels Direct Block Party. The summer weekends are numbered, and larger GTA shows scoop them up. I try hard to plan it on a weekend without any SCCA/BMWCC & ricer events. Turns out that it rained on Aug 24th! If things indeed go forward with TMP, it will definitely be a mid-summer event.

Originally Posted by greekthang View Post
Thats actually a good idea bud the judging will be hard. Only IASCA official can judge SQ with there certain cds they play and a really good ear. Ive been to them before. Needless to say I like the idea.
I have access (a certain maXmember actually) to possibly getting the event IASCA sanctioned for proper judging. That is a great idea and will definitely be implimented next year.

Originally Posted by E36is View Post
re: judges

what are the criteria's that the judges look for in either the mild to wild category? just want to know so i can look into them for next year.
It vary's from class to class, depending on the quality of cars that enter. In general, "wild" would consist of any two combinations of:

-motor swap
-forced induction
-aggressive visual mods (paint/wide-body/radical wheel pkg)
-crazy ICE

Hate to say it guys, but the more money spent on mods, the more points you get. Doesn't matter how tasteful they are. That's why we have "specialty awards" for judges favorite vs. point-spread. You can buy an '84 318i for $250, order every Motormaster accessory and probably win E30 Mild.
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