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Originally posted by skillton
i can start off slowly by letting the clutch out slowly, but i'll only accelerate up to like 5-10km/h without giving it gas, if you know your car you can do it with pretty much any car if you have enough low end, and no i'm not purpousely trying to stall the car, i just tried it to test my low end torque, i dont usually do it, i don't do this often and i jus said it to prove a point
And i said my car doesnt accelerate much quicker but i can feel a difference
my stock flywheel is only like 12.5lbs tho so 9lbs wasn't to big of a change change
I see, but giving advice to someone driving a BMW would be a tototally different story seeing as how the BMW stock flywheel is more than 22lbs. If your flywheel was only 12.5lbs to begin with you probably should have saved your money and kept your stock flywheel, 12.5lbs is quite lightweight.

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