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Originally posted by skillton
I have a 9lbs flywheel in my car (89 GTI 16v) and it's not a pain to drive on the streets... i do have to rev it up a bit higher but i can start off @ 1500rpm's, i can even start off without pressing the gas but it takes a while, and i never have to give it any gas not to stall the car, also the car doesn't accelerate much quicker but you can feel a bit of a difference, i can slowly accelerate uphill @ 2000rpm's in 5th without flooring it
You can start off without pressing the gas? I don't get it. On a stock flywheel that would stall the car, how would having a lighter flywheel make that any different? If anything it would make it easier to stall.

If your car doesn't accelerate any quicker, then the flywheel you bought probably wasn't 9lbs.

Why would you accelerate uphill on 5th gear at 2000RPM? Are you purposely trying to stall the car?

Sorry, but your not making any sense.

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