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Originally posted by Autotechnica
The major disadvantage is that the engine RPM drops very quickly, so it becomes very difficult to maintain a constant speed. This is a plus for racing since your car will slow down faster before you turn. On the streets I find it's just a pain in the ass to drive, especially in a traffic jam situation. Sometimes you may have to rev it up a bit just to keep it from stalling.

The advantage is that the car accelerates much quicker. However, when going uphill the car will loose it's speed very quickly.

Do not get a stock machine lightened flywheel, it will be very weak and most likely crack. If you do not want to compromise driveability then I suggest you just leave the flywheel alone.

I have a 9lbs flywheel in my car (89 GTI 16v) and it's not a pain to drive on the streets... i do have to rev it up a bit higher but i can start off @ 1500rpm's, i can even start off without pressing the gas but it takes a while, and i never have to give it any gas not to stall the car, also the car doesn't accelerate much quicker but you can feel a bit of a difference, i can slowly accelerate uphill @ 2000rpm's in 5th without flooring it

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