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Originally Posted by AusBMW View Post

Cheers mate, well we were there a few weeks back, and took the main freeway out of Toronto and toward Mississauga business park, and even with the preparations of the G20 summit, it only took about 45 mins, that was from the middle of Toronto however

BMW toronto definatly will be checking out, however there is a few others in the area that get notable mention on some other forums

Early morning in in Canada, so looking forward to the replies,

Cheers Guys

My wife said the roads were deserted the week around the summit. It took her 90 minutes to return home one day last week, it's a 50 km drive each way. It normally takes 1 hr. to return and 35 minutes in the morning.

If you live in the Beach area, BMW Toronto is the closest but Parkview BMW and BMW Waterloo share the same ownership. I've had great service at BMW Toronto and Parkview, which are the only places I've been to.
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