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Moving from Syd Aus to Toronto

Hey Guys,

Moving from Australia to Toronto, Canada soon, currently drive a 2002 330Ci coupe, and once I move to Toronto, currently planned for October, going to upgrade to a 335i, possibly Xdrive one - a feature we dont get offered here in Aus,

Going to do some shopping first, and have been reading a few forums on dealers, and the BMW website,

What are the good dealer to shop with in the GTA area?, planning on living around the Beach area of toronto, however work in located in mississuagua, so a nice drive down the 427/401 each morning and evening, so dealers either down towards miss or in toronto would be excellent,

Also leaseing vs buying, in Aus we have a slightly different setup to what a lease means, so guys what are the differences, and whats better?

Cheers Guys,
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