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Ever race a big bore truck with doubled wheels?

Damn those things are fast off the line! I remember a few weeks ago I raced a tow truck with a 454. I beat him twice but the first time I had a hell of a time. He jumped a solid car length ahead of me off the line. I caught up and passed as we got up to speed. I beat him the second time but it was ugly. I did it out of principle but I wouldn't do that to my car again. It has almost racing slick 245 Michelins which were nicely warmed up at the time. I revved it to 4k and dropped on the green. Thank God for the Bilsteins - no wheel hop.

A powerlifting buddy of mine drives a Volvo 15 speed semi. 450 horse Cat diesel (I don't even wanna know the torque, gotta be 1200+). Does the quarter in "eventually" but one time he didn't have a load and he dumped the clutch at like 3k (not far from redline). The whole chassy twisted to the right and jumped so hard that I flew up and hit the ceiling (the bastard knew it and held on to the wheel). I felt like we were going to tip over. Wholly crap!

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