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Originally posted by TrEvOrLiCioS
i was with my cousin on saturday night around 7:30......was were doing 110 in the left lane, it was raining, but we were late......this crazy lady in the middle lane doing like 80 decides to change into our lane 10 ft before us for no fuking reason..........

We swerved almost spun around, fuking scared the shit outa us......

i mean fuk, no one was in front of her, why the fuk would u go into the left lane doing 80 and not check beofre u go.....

That shit pisses me off
Ya i've had a lot of stuff like that happen to me, and it pisses me off and i hate it cause i end up doing the 'wreckless' thing, cause of others stupidity, last week, some JERK off was doing 85km/h on the highway, no trafic in the LEFT LANE, and the jerk beside ME was doing 86km/h so i was BOXXED in pretty much, there was like a HUNDERED people behind me all waitingfor this assholee to get out of the left lane, but he just wouldn't, had to pass him on what very little shoulder there was, and had a cop seen me i woulda gotten a ticket FOR SURE, but i highly doubt the cop would even CONSIDE giving the jerkoff a ticket for OBSTRUCTING TRAFFIC!
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