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Front Sway Bar End Links


When I got the E30 the through bolts for the front sway bar endlink were seized and I broke them.

Since then I have been an on endless hunt for two bolts that PROPERLY fit into the endlink.

They are listed as M8x45, well I've tried every M8 bolt I can find and none of them have that nice tight fit an OEM bolt has.

The stealership doesn't sell them any more either.

Big deal you say, its just a bolt, use another. Normally I might agree, but in this case, any slop in the endlink through bolt cause a.. *click, click**click pop* everytime you load and unload the sway bar while driving.

And I can't take it anymore! It sounds/feels more like Archie's jalopy then an E30.

So I have two solutions, one is pretty obvious spherical links from AGK

I've read on a few forums that spherical end links will add harshness to the ride quality, but I'm not really sure how unless you preload the sway bar with them by accident? Perhaps its just the added road noise of losing the rubber insulator on the bottom of the link? Any thoughts on this??

Also does anybody have experience with these in the winter for durability? The AGK ones specifically.

Or, this new to me solution that I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Drop Links

It looks like a solid idea to me, that bracket/bolt design on the non-M e30/36 has always bothered me for its noise potential.

Have anyone tried these? Do they work well? Last better then the OEM ones?

Or maybe I'll visit a local junk yard and see if I can get my hands on some OEM bolts...
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