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Originally Posted by 325isStephen View Post
Come to the next autocross and get a faster time then all the e30's and I will start to believe you.

You do realise John drive's an e30 right? and that he's been doing autocross's and track days for something like 10 years?

Me and him had a similar time this autox and he was sideways most of the time and I was trying to actually go fast

You need to get over yourself and the crx because it's simply not the greatest car ever made for autocross, if you do happen to go faster then the e30's, good luck with the mini's, which even in stock form are in my opinion far superiour to your torqueless economy car.
Never said a CRX was the greatest autocross car.. is there such a thing ?
It's driver/car combo which wins.

FWIW, I dont speak out of my ass.. you know why ? Because I have owned an 89 E30 M3, with a 2.5L motor modified suspension to the tits, and have driven modded e30's 318is, 325is, as well as have driven shitty Mini Cooper S etc etc though I havent autocrossed a Mini.
I doubt may people here have owned good conditioned Crx's on this forum anyway...

I also do know what CRX's are capable of, when having slightly modified setups. Been driving them for 10 years now.
On an autocross, the CRX will win 9/10 times, just based on weight differences alone ! Heck, that's even without a B or K20 Series engine swap..

btw, ever wonder why Honda has come out with a CR-Z ?
I guess they woke up and discovered they had something very good 20+ years ago.... too bad it now ugly, and hybrid.
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