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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
In response to the 1M, that's going to be another fail of a car right out of the blocks. Too heavy by a land slide. The way they've been fixing that recently is by adding ridiculous amounts of hp. That helps stop light races and 1/4 mile times but does nothing to help handling, feel, and braking. BMW trade marks. With the amount of weight a 1 series has, it does not have a chance at becoming an autocross champ. These car manufacturers need to understand that the way to appeal to an enthusiast driver is to first start with a light weight chassis, then add a whole lot of sidewinder power, and leave out the GPS, nav, million watt stereo with heavy amps and speakers, leave out the 24 air bags, and ABS, DTC, SBC, and all of those crappy drivers aids, remove the power sunroof and seats. Back to basics a la e30/e36 days! I've said it before and I'll say it again, if BMW were to build a brand new e30 325i, I'd be first in line to pay fair market value for it!!!
Do you think they dont want this? Sure they want to do that but safety regulations and the need to keep up with market forces them to build cars that are less appealing to the enthusiasts and more to the general public, because lets face it, they outweigh us about 10,000 to 1 or something like that.
Bottom line is , now its all about the money.
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