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Originally Posted by Robb View Post
Thats because you never see CRX's up here anyways. PERIOD.
There arent many left.
Research autocrosses down in the U.S. and see which cars rule(d) autocrosses, then you'd change your opinion.

Sorry wrong again, and there are plenty of crxs up here, but like most fwd/awd imports it's a bunch of people who think their cars are the best, and can't do anything but try and drive in a strait line.

I'll give a bit to the miata, nimble and has quick steering and since it's rwd it doesn't understeer, but again it all comes down to the driver.

If you want to prove a crx is so great, you'll have to prove it, most series I've scene that crxs do any good don't have rwd cars running.
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