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Originally Posted by Woodbronks View Post
I have considered a school just waiting for the full race car to be built not my street car.. even thow I have lots to learn, it is my first full year on a track and only 5th track session went once last year and it was a blast.... what school do you recomend in Canada? can you elaborate on my interesting habits, any pointers?
The Trillium school at Mosport is taking place on Sept 8-9. That's a pretty good one, especially when you factor in the money spent and the amount of track time you get. And you get an instructor assigned to you, and they will work with you throughout the weekend.

Habits? I only watched about a min or two of the video... just from that alone, a few things that stood out to me was seating position and hand placement on the wheel. You need to be seated into as much of the seat as possible so you are comfortable, and that you aren't moving around like a rag doll. How can you feel what the car is doing in your backside when you are moving around in your seat that much? Hand placement on the wheel... generally you want to keep your hands at 9 and 3 on the wheel (granted there are some exceptions to that, but for the most part, that's where you want to be when on track) so it keeps you square with the 4 corners of the car, as well as not loosing track of center... what happens if you slide? You won't know how much opposite lock to feed in to catch it.. and you end up with one of those tank slappers that keeps on going... and going. Remember to be calm and not 'choke' the wheel too... you will act more fluidly with reactions if you are calm and not tensed up.

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