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Wrong Car

Two days ago, I promised my sister I'd fix the door on her Monster Jeep TJ (4" lift, 35" tires). The door linkages were stuck, and wouldn't open. On the way home from picking up my son from day care, a 325 (problably one of you knobs) was in front of me on Warden and a S2000 ducked in behind. We all went on to the 407. I went as fast as I dared with the Jeep on the ramp, but as soon as we hit the highway, the Bimmer took off, and the rice behind me started cooking and flew past. I got the Jeep up to 140, but that was it!

Jeez...where's the 5 when you need it...ooops I forgot racing with the kids on board....

BTW, it's a real PITA to climb over your kid's car seat with him in it to get in/out the other door.

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