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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
I just swapped an M52 into my car the other day! M50 mani, OBD1 harness/dme, all that good stuff... Just looking for a 3.25 diffy to complete the package then I can leave it alone until spring Then the real fun starts hehe
ooooh good choice!

M50 swaps suck unless you're putting a little breeze in it!

Well for me I've been a bit quiet in terms of E30. I am focusing more on getting the 330 zhp E46 i've always wanted.

My E30 is broken at the moment...the control arm ripped out I am probably just going to get another 4 door shell since mine is all ****ed up. Transfer all the goods over, get a proper tune for the obd 1 m52...I don't have any reason to really do more to the E30 since i got my motorcycle.

Meh, I may even part it out I do not know...

but thats where I stand at the moment, unlessssssss I turbo it which is not likely.
R.I.P. E30
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