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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Hey Steve, what ever happened with your front control arms you had fabbed up awhile back? Did you ever get around to trying them out?
I never did finish that project, it's currently sitting in a box in my basement. I'm more or less waiting until my E30 becomes a 'track only' vehicle to finish up that project. I'd need to install steering limiters into the rack and I don't want to run them on the street.

Don't worry I'll try them out eventually, I wouldn't go through all the trouble of building them if I wasn't going to use them .

Some dude in California actually pm'ed me recently, he wanted to build a set for his car and was asking if he could buy the drawings off of me. I told him that he could have them for free as long as he was just making a set for his car and not to sell to people. I'm curious to see what he comes up with because there was a fair bit of machining involved as well as some legit welding. If I had to pay a shop to machine the parts I would have just went with a 1 piece CNC'ed body (aka DTM design)

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