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Originally posted by BmwE30S38
Yeah yeah like i said read the damn post randy.I could careless less about what your ****ing opinion is.So chill out and relax i'll post some pics AS SOON AS I GET THE ****ING BODY BACK LIKE I SAID ****ING 10 TIMES ALREADY!Once it's odne dont worry i'll make It can smoke your ass and whatever any of you other doubters are packing and then we'll see dickheads.Until then peace the **** out!

Grow up little girl. Since you can't reply to any of my questions with an educated answer, you gotta start cussin' YO!!

If you could "care less" about my opinion, why did you PM and email me like 10 times asking for it? DUH!

I read your bullshit post ('nuff times... didn't make sense) and now I notice you don't even own a bloody BMW. Why are you even on here? Keep it up and I guarantee you'll be banned.
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