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i'm not saying i wont show up...
Making most events and running in the series is another story.

The way i see it...
The Powerade Centre is a great spot and will allow for some challenging courses. That is why i will show up on some days....i have too much fun at these autoxs...

John, you have upped the antie and everything else must follow. I think to make it work and have good turn outs... results will have to be posted in a timely manor (within a few days, week at most), year end awards/trophies should be pre-organized and posted for driver incentives, and dates have to be kept or if changed given lots of warning.
Also, I think if you had more events (maybe by having 1 or 2 double hitter days) and go with best 6 out of 9 or 10 events more people would be interested in actively participating in the series because more will make the minimum 6 events. Also the point standings will be more competitive since the more events people make the higher their point standings will be... that gives incentives to make more events which is what you want.
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