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Hey, I'm missing all of the fun here, I just got home from a long day out. Unfortunately, Richie is right. I had full confirmation of Downsview up until the first week in Jan, when everything went sour. If I don't have confirmation of Downsview, I'm negotiating with one other very large venue, in the Woodbridge area, if that doesn't pan out either, we will start the season where we left off last year at MDS, and run there until I could find something more adequate. In the meantime, here is an impromtu poll: how far are you guys willing to drive for 8 autocrosses throughout the season, IF THE VENUE IS AWESOME? Like, where Twin Lakes runs theirs? I have an awesome venue, but its useless using it if no one wants to drive 1 hour and 15 minutes from 401 and 400 to get there. Let me know and I'll gauge feedback. Also, as Richie said, if any of you know of a more suitable location, that IS willing to let us use it please PM me.

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