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Originally posted by MTRD

When you heel and toe, your braking and applying the throttle at the same time. It puts more stress on the rotors. Do you know what the term "driving old granny style" means? Its when people start the car from stop and step on the brake while also stepping on the throttle at the same time. I have no idea why old people do this, but it warps rotors. It has happened to so many people I know. I know heel and toeing isn't as extreme but it does wear off rotors and increase the chance of warping more. I use heel and toe in the corners and I'm sure it heats up the rotors pretty bad at high speeds.

Lastly, when it rains your not directly spraying water into your rotors correct? When your rotors are really hot, I mean from racing at the track, if it rains and you brake hard or get lots of water into your rotors, there is a good chance it may warp. Just because it doesn't happen often doesn't mean it never happens.

Well Bryan, I hate to do this to you, but you're absolutely wrong on this one....

1) When you heel / toe, you're squeezing the brake pedal, blipping the throttle, and have the clutch in the majority of the time, as you downshift. You're not attempting to accelerate AND brake at the same time.

2) Accelerating / braking simultaneously has NOTHING to do with warping rotors.... At that point, you're not actually allowing the rotors to cool, which isn't an issue in the warping of rotors. All the *grannies* are actually doing is merely burning off more brake pad than they really need to....nothing more harmful than that.

Rotors *can* potentially warp when subjected to a massive temperature change, but even spraying cold water from a car wash onto them shouldn't warp them. What you're likely feeling is the now abnormal spread of brake pad material on the rotors, causing it to feel *warped*. Spots where high pressure water was directed at the rotors get cleaned, while other spots aren't.

Simply put, the VAST majority of warped rotors have more to do with brake pad material, than with variation in temperature. What you actually feel as a *warp* is in fact a rotor which has an uneven deposit of pad material on it...

As to getting rain onto the rotors, even when driving on the track, once again, not likely to warp rotors. As I said above, you're more likely feeling a disparity in pad material on the rotor surface, which *feels* like a warped rotor.

If we'd like to get into the physics of how this works, we can probably start another thread which discusses this. It covers such things as how your brakes actually work, what factors really apply, and what things like *bedding in* really are doing.

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