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Originally posted by got torque?
Why is is that when the topic of brakes comes up, the BS starts flowing?

Warping rototrs by getting them wet? C'mon now. Did it ever occur to you guys that your rotors are EXPOSED to the elements as you drive down the road?
Show me the part in your owners' manual where it says not to get your rotors wet when they're hot?
Do you think a company with engineers like BMW's would design rotors that would warp if you go them wet? NO. NO. NO.

Also, heel & toe downshifting has zero to do with warped rotors.
It is a technique for matching revs as you brake and downshift. It has nothing to do with how hard you brake, how hot you get your rotors, or how long they will stay true.

This kind of BS belongs in the same file as the "Cross Drilled Rotors Provide Better Braking" nonsense.

When you heel and toe, your braking and applying the throttle at the same time. It puts more stress on the rotors. Do you know what the term "driving old granny style" means? Its when people start the car from stop and step on the brake while also stepping on the throttle at the same time. I have no idea why old people do this, but it warps rotors. It has happened to so many people I know. I know heel and toeing isn't as extreme but it does wear off rotors and increase the chance of warping more. I use heel and toe in the corners and I'm sure it heats up the rotors pretty bad at high speeds.

Lastly, when it rains your not directly spraying water into your rotors correct? When your rotors are really hot, I mean from racing at the track, if it rains and you brake hard or get lots of water into your rotors, there is a good chance it may warp. Just because it doesn't happen often doesn't mean it never happens.

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