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Hi Mystical,

I should have mentioned that i am only dropping the e30 30mm from stock.

Decided to re drill the hubs as the PCD adapters for 4x100 to 5x120 are not made by H&R as they believe them to be unsafe. only one company does them and has swerved that very question on a number of forums/posts.

Will re drilling and using spacers instead of PCD adapters change any of my tyre values or am i still stuck on 215's. What would i have to do to get the 235's on?

Apologies if it sounds like i am asking the same questions, Just hoping that now i am not using pcd adapters which have a min thickness. so i can push the rim in a bit and get the wider tyre 235's would make me a very happy, slight euro look would not (no offense to the euro boys)

Thanks mate.

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