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Originally Posted by kruler View Post
for sure? I have a memory of lining them up and the piping being way bigger. Am I only thinking about the midpipe? Also, there were a ton of people that wanted to buy the euro muffler from me and I sold them for big $$...why would they have been in such high demand if they were the same. I'm pretty sure that they were also heavier than the NA one...
why because NA bmw owners love to put euro this euro that on thier mod list .

Ive gutted both mufflers and the EURO has a top 3 roll pipe layout whiles the US has only 2. SAME diameter on the inside. if you look at it its more it seems to me that they did 3 pipes to reduce the noise the motor puts out. not horse power. so i dunno why people thinks its light. if anything it alittle heavier.

If op cuts out the cuts out the smaller flanges on the pipe, the pipes turns into 60MM all the way thru.

I doubt he will loose any power at all with the muffler, but then again i'm not an engineer so what do i know...
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