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Originally Posted by firbster View Post
I thought I had read that up to a certain year you were allowed 1 not ready monitor , I guess 2003 was the cut off..
That is correct. My vehicle can have one monitor not ready. Just to clarify, I have two monitors not ready evap & secondary air.

Parkview BMW does have the new emmision machine. After contacting them, the service advisor told me that in order for my evap to be ready, ambiet temperature has to be at least 10 degrees.. They said for me to drop it off over night and have it inside overnight. From there they plan to start the car in the morning, let it idle and run the test. If it fails, she said they are going to diagnose the car. If they can't find a problem (which in my opinion doesn't exist, but then again I'm not a mechanic), they will contact the ministry and take it from there

What a cash grab
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