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Originally Posted by ///Maluco View Post
First off, let's hope she'll be okay.

Yesterday night I couldn't believe my eyes when a senior saw me approaching and she gunned it (with walking stick and all) across the street in front of me as I was approaching a stop sign. WTF, she must have a death wish. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground too. I obviously slowed down, but I admit that she was tough to spot.
She gave me a little smile when I passed her and I gave her a thumbs up for making it across the street without getting run over.
I kid you not, the stop sign was less than 50ft away. Some people just don't think.
I believe those actions are just showing that the seniors are trying to spice up their daily lives, my 88yr old grandma was insane when comes to walking, last time I went home she was taking me out to "show me her hood" so she said, then using her cane to stop cars in the middle of the roads so she can make it cross, I asked her "why grandma? why you gotta do this and make me worry?", she simply replies "I'm 87, I don't need to be careful, I eat spicy and salty, I wanna live my life before I go see your stinky ass grandpa in hell!"

I shook my head and just followed her.
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