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First off...

I had the bolt patterns checked out by a tire store just down the road. Turns out they are 4x114.4 (4x4.5) and 4x108 (4x4.25). I'm getting quotes for a fill and drill locally. Seems that most shops around here don't even want to attempt doing this. I've had a reputable wheel shop recommend that I have the 4x108 pattern milled out another mm on each side and just run flat washers/lugs. Personally I do not think this sounds very safe, plus I was quoted $45/wheel to do it.

BMXer: Well put, this is a huge cluster****. I feel like I'm in the middle of it and can't do anything about it.

RoslynX5: Stop being a cunt...

You shit on this thread by posting a scenario which has no relevance to anything at hand. It's been 8 months since ColdAccord purchased these wheels, not 12. These wheels were not damaged. The tires were dismounted, there goes that nail comment. And I'm pretty sure they are all still round, thus one is not flat. From what I've gathered this is about the pattern of the wheels and nothing else, as that is the only thing that ColdAccord and I have any qualms with. They were sold to me as 4x100, sold to ColdAccord as 4x100, sold to punnzzells as 4x100 and presumably sold to Bart320i as 4x100.

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