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Originally Posted by BMW BMXer
Bored at work and I find this thread for the first time crazy.

I agree with Jay on this case, those wheels looked kinda sketchy with the bolt cover removed. Someone along the way should have mounted them earlier.

Heres how I see it: Cold Accord I remember you trying to sell them on R3V and you said they fit e30s cause Mike told you so. Mike thought they fit e30s because Bart told him so. I assume Cold Accord you told Dirt Squirt they fit e30s based on what Mike told you.

So the chain goes Unknown guy who drilled them>Bart>Mike>Cold Accord>Dirt Squirt

Sounds like a crazy game of broken telephone to me. So its really hard to point a finger accordingly.

Now in Mikes defense, every performance part on my car (except my shocks) has come straight from his hands, SSK, Springs, Exhaust, and on Saturday Chip. He's also put me in touch with a good mechanic, and weve spent some time shootin the shit. He's a good guy from my expireances, this is just one huge cluster****.
I think you hit the nail on the head - this is the way I feel.
I believe most agree especially those that know and have dealt with Mike.
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