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Suspension selection


First off, thanks for the great site. I just recently purchased a 91 535I which needs shocks/struts x4. The cars springs were cut to be lowered and of course has resulted in the destruction of the stock shocks. I'm doing the buffalo down the highway. Unfortunately, I don't even have an idea what the ride is suppose to feel like in the 535I
After looking around the forum and trying to decide my mode of action, I need some input.

I'm looking at the Billy sports X4 and the Bavauto springs. Anyone have the same set-up?

I don't want the car slammed to the ground, but I also don't want the stock height either. Keeping in mind comfort as well.

The car has 17" rims with 235's

Any reputable retailers in Canada to purchase suspension goodies?
Anyone deal with Bavarian Auto?
What's your set-up?

Any input would be appreciated, Thanks

FYI-It's a Silver 1991 535I auto with Racing Dynamic Rear Skirt, spoiler and rims ( in crappy condition). Looks like there was a front spoiler at one point. lol. The car needs some TLC but only has 150,000 original kms.
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