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Originally posted by BMW_7
Ok. The thing is, I rear ended someone. I need the whole new nose piece piece.

So I thought, why not go with the newer look.

I think I will buy the piece and the grille at the dealership. Do you have any hookups, 325is? I gess I'll call Charlie tomorrow. If he doesn't have it, well... that case then your probably best off going to the dealer and yes get the newer will fit when buying the whole front nose piece(you will probably have to buy the grills seperatly)

unless of course it would be cheaper to buy the 92-95 style nose piece and then buy the e-bay grills.....

look into it I bet the later of the two ways will be cheaper and give same or possibly better appearene results....

HooliGaN*- yeah...i fell in love with those grills as soon as I saw them.....they look so.....soooo E46 M3ish.....

do they fit like an OEM BMW part or was there a bit of "fitting"
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